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Shin Splints and prevention. Dynamic Osteopaths

Updated: Mar 23

Whether you're an experienced runner or just getting started, you could be at risk of developing shin splints. I have written a very basic blog article with Grenade nutrition that gives you 6 quick stretches to help prevent shin splints. In this blog article we will be discussing options on how to prevent the likelihood of developing shin splits. We will also discuss an understanding on what shin splits are, whether you are likely to develop them, and how to strengthen specific areas of your body to help you to prevent the onset of this painful condition. If you are a keen runner you will more than likely understand the basics of what spin splints are and how badly they can affect your performance. Many athletes, especially runners, will experience the common pain associated with shin splints.This can particularly appear if the individual is new to sport or running, or suddenly increases their tempo. For example, if they begin training on hard concrete or uneven surfaces. Shins splints are commonly associated to repetitive overuse that most often affects runners. Shin splits are known as 'medial tibial stress syndrome' or 'periostitis', which means injury to the connective muscle tissue on the inside of the shin bone, which can happen to both legs. 

Find out more at full article post written by myself: 

Grenade article post. TRAINING!! 💪🏻 

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