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Our osteopath Mr Adam Whatley has now been treating a wide range of back injuries, aches, and pains for many years out of Solihull and Birmingham, and has helped many patients from the who have suffered from acute back pain, chronic back pain and joint pain. High amounts of benefit have been proved significant from our expertise and our outpatient treatments for back pain and joint pain, including the provided service of injury rehabilitation and specialist exercise. Treatments include:


Manual therapy is a big part of osteopathic treatment consisting of spinal mobilisation that plays a major role in the treatment of low back pain, neck pain treatment and joint pain treatment, in addition to lumbopelvic pain (pelvis discomfort). Mobilisation is a commonly used technique utilised by an osteopath and is defined as a series of rhythmical or non-rhythmical movements of the joints applied by the clinicians here at Dynamic Osteopaths in Solihull and Birmingham intended to reduce pain and create an increased range of movement and joint mobility. These techniques are used by osteopath Mr Adam Whatley to address reduced mobility and to treat back pain and joint pain. It is this restricted mobility that leads to mechanical stress and therefore pain. Manual treatment for back pain and neck pain is offered here in Solihull, Birmingham and surrounding areas, to mechanically mobilise the areas to relieve the stress on the painful joints while protecting the over mobile structures. Subsequently, this then allows your own healing mechanisms to take place and restore tissue health. Manual Therapy and Vertebral Axial Decompression Therapy may also be used as a good treatment for disc herniation 'slipped disc', this aiming at reducing disc bulging, muscle relaxation, and patient mobilisation. Spinal traction has been heavily explored as a therapeutic option in musculoskeletal medicine.


Clinical Exercise Therapy & Injury Rehabilitation is also offered here at Dynamic Osteopaths aimed at joint rehabilitation and prevention of low back pain, and pelvic pain. Mr Adam Whatley has a very experienced background in the clinical area of Sport and Exercise Medicine which focuses on optimising the balance between musculoskeletal function and stability. Exercise interventions are used here at Dynamic Osteopaths to treat low back pain in improving control of the spine and pelvis and rehabilitate sports injuries or post-surgery. Changes in this system can occur with low back pain and pelvic pain, and strategies to train optimum control of the spine must be re-established. The spine is controlled by a dynamic function, which is a combination of stability and movement. The spine is inherently unstable and relies heavily on muscular support to maintain this stability. The dynamic function is maintained by co-contraction of muscles, which is a synchronised firing of muscles that act on the lumbar spine. Flexibility is necessary for healthy functioning of the spine, and it is critical for enabling movement, shock absorption, breathing, and balance control. Lumbar back pain and pelvic pain is associated with a vast array of changes in the activity of the trunk muscles. Many of these changes are likely to affect the movement and stability of the spine which must be addressed during back pain treatment. 


Sports Taping for back pain and Acupuncture for back pain are also provided which may be used to reduce tissue stress and restoration of function, within back pain treatment Solihull


Musculoskeletal Injection Therapy Further information can be found here

Osteopath Solihull
Treatment for Back Pain & Joint Pain
Treatment for shoulder pain Solihull and Harborne
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Private GP's and Surgeons may also be used if further investigation is required. Our specialist doctors are based at our collaborating Birmingham and Warwickshire Clinics. These in additional to the Spire Parkway Hospital.

Full range of Osteopathic Tretment for Back Pain Solihull

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