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Dynamic Osteopaths Stratford-Upon-Avon & Warwickshire

Dynamic Osteopaths Solihull

Clinic Director

Mr. Adam Whatley
Consultant Clinical Scientist 
Specialist Osteopath
Solihull and Birmingham

Mr Adam Whatley is the founder of Dynamic Osteopaths and is a specialist registered Osteopath (M.Ost) practising out of the Solihull and Birmingham who specialises in neuro-musculoskeletal medicine.


Mr Adam Whatley first started out is training in Physical Therapy in 2006. Following this, he then went on to train in Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation. After practising for a short while, Mr Whatley then went on to study Osteopathy (Med) out of Oxford for five years. He then carried on at Oxford to complete his Master's degree in advanced musculoskeletal dysfunction and management. Throughout this, continuing to see private patients and setting up 2 private clinics. During this time, Mr Whatley was also working with local private surgeons and GPs. Mr Whatley then worked in private practice building his clinic in Solihull.


In 2016 Mr Whatley then went on to study a 2nd masters degree in musculoskeletal medicine and injection therapy out of the University of Nottingham. During this training, Mr Whatley practised within the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital (NHS) Birmingham, Goodhope hospital (NHS), Solihull Hospital (NHS), Spire Parkway Hospital Solihull (Private) and Spire Parkway Hospital Sutton Coldfield (Private). Here, Mr Whatley was trained by some of the UK’s top orthopaedic and spinal surgeons.


Registered Osteopath Solihull
Back Pain Treatment Solihull and Henley In Arden
SIJ PAIN treatment Dynamic Osteopaths

Adapting this training into clinical practice, Mr Adam Whatley then further went on to complete his post-graduate training in Regenerative Medicine out of the centre of Birmingham and London, and Aesthetic Medicine out of the NHS approved centre for Medical Sciences and Research.


Furthermore, Mr Whatley is currently further practising in the field of Sports Medicine and Performance Science. Providing musculoskeletal services, for back pain and joint pain treatment in Solihull and Birmingham.


In addition, Mr Adam Whatley carries out acupuncture treatment and also practises specialist services in Rengenerative Orthbiologics and Musculoskeletal Injection Therapy for pain relief management.


Alongside this Mr Adam Whatley also practises joint injections for the NHS on a practice level (GP surgery) as part of the Minor Surgery Direct Enhanced Service.


Mr Adam Whatley has a particular interest in Clinical Neuroscience (Pain Neurophysiology and Human Motor Control) where he began a PhD. He also does much of his work with varying athletes from many different backgrounds, including professional golfers. Mr Whatley is an associate sports osteopath to the PGA (Professional Golfers Association). 


Mr Whatley is hugely passionate about exercise and fitness. He also works in affiliation with Grenade Sports Nutrition, where he writes the article content for Training & Injury Prevention.

Who are Dynamic Osteopaths?

Adam Whatley Osteopath Birmingham

A primary healthcare system of osteopaths in Henley-In-Arden, Edgbaston Birmingham and Solihull, primarily providing treatment for back pain and joint pain. Our osteopaths work with the body's structure, to provide effective pain relief of spinal pain, muscular strains, and joint pain.


Here at Dynamic Osteopaths in Solihull and Birmingham our clinicians are caring and highly trained practitioners that pride themselves on delivering you with the highest quality health-care service for pain relief. We work hard to assure your individual attention and a speedy and enjoyable visit to our practice so that you can get on with your day and live life to its fullest and perform at your best.


Scans and MRI pathways are available for further investigation if required, as is our specialist Consultant Spinal Surgeon Mr. S Harland.

   Our Vision and Patent Care

Dynamic Osteopaths provide Birmingham and Solihull Back Pain Clinics that offer you a multidisciplinary approach to providing back pain treatment, inclusive of joint and neck pain treatment. Dynamic Osteopaths provide alternative treatments that may be offered at Birmingham and Solihull Chiropractors, and it is our aim to provide a range of high-quality treatments for joint and back pain. Dynamic Osteopaths are well experienced in dealing with back pain treatment and have experienced backgrounds in specialist exercise and sports therapy.


Whether you may be suffering from acute or chronic back pain, we aim at providing full treatment and friendly patient care.



Musculoskeletal Injection Clinic & Regenerative Medicine


Dynamic Osteopaths In Solihull and Birmingham also offer a wide range of injection therapies to suit the treatment needs of condition or complaint, whether it be back pain, joint pain, muscle pain, tendinitis, ligament injury, arthritis and more…


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection Therapy

  (specialist treatment in Regenerative Medicine)

 Hyaluronic Acid Injection Treatment 

  (specialist treatment for joint pain and arthritis)

Traumeel Injection Therapy

  (natural anti-inflammatory injection treatment)     

• Cortico-Steroid Injections     

  (anti-inflammatory injection treatment)              



Dynamic Osteopaths offer an integrated approach in sports injury treatment and management in Solihull, Harborne Birmingham, and Bromsgrove, through a process of biomechanical assessment, varied treatment and injury rehabilitation for your sports injuries, whilst analyzing pre-disposing factors and offering a complete package of care to promote injury prevention. This service may include personal training Solihull.


The Performance Clinic Solihull is an optimised practice, which looks to how areas of muscular pain and joint dysfunction lead to limited performance and how this performance can be enhanced, via detailed movement assessments and observation of muscle imbalances related to specific personal training methods. Visits to our osteopathic practice often present commonly with joint-related pain and low back pain related to varied activity, seeking osteopathic treatment and advice. Treatment may include:


Sports Injury and Performance Clinic

Gait Analysis                                  

• Sports Massage                            
• Performance Nutrition Advice      

• Podiatric Orthotics

• Strength & Conditioning
• Sports Medicine 

Dynamic Osteopaths registered with the Osteopathic Sports Care Association. Treatment for Sport related pain and dysfunction. Personal Training

Where are Dynamic Osteopaths?

Osteopath Henley-In-Arden, Warwickshire

Osteopath Solihull

Henley-In-Arden Osteopathic Clinic situated just off Henley High Street. Here we are providing you with full range of physical therapy, osteopathic treatment and acupuncture for back pain and joint pain.

Osteopath Edgbaston, Birmingham

Osteopathic Practice now open in Edgbaston, Birmingham, out of the Medical Consulting Rooms. Providing a whole range of osteopathic treatments for back pain and joint pain in a multidisciplinary practice.

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Wanting to find out more?


For further information please contact us on 01564 330773 or alternatively email us at

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