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Adam Whatley at is a specialist osteopath and musculoskeletal spinal clinician with many years of experience as a musculoskeletal professional, aiding and treating the elements of acute low back pain and chronic low back pain, in addition to the treatment of joint pain, muscular pain and injury. He explains how most back pain is referred to as non-specific mechanical low back pain in which the symptoms by definition cannot be linked to a particular pathology. Nerve root pain may occur with low back pain that can give referred pain into the leg and foot, known as sciatica.




Classifications into acute (less than 6 weeks), sub-acute (6-12 weeks) and chronic (more than 12 weeks) are used. Acute back pain can often be brought on by trauma, or brought on from a build-up of low-grade mechanical irritation. Pain can occur from heavy lifting or over-stretching, causing a sprain, strain, or muscle spasm that has been taken beyond their stabilisation capacities. Chronic back pain and chronic joint pain can often be due to low-level irritation of the structures surrounding the spine, example; joints, ligaments, and muscles. More often than not chronic back pain becomes predisposed by local aging and degeneration (arthritis) with the discs that lead to the on-going consequences compression and reduced range of movement, local low-level irritation, reduced blood flow into the de-conditioned locations and increased overuse and chronic shortening. These are also typical presentations of acute neck pain and chronic neck pain seen and treated by an osteopath.




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Acute and Chronic joint pain treatment Solihull and Warwickshire

Dynamic Osteopaths in Solihull, Edgbaston Birmingham, and Bromsgrove is made up of professional clinicians and specialists with vast experience in various fields of musculoskeletal and spinal practice. Adam Whatley at our clinic is our musculoskeletal and spinal clinician with vast experience in the area of back pain treatment and neck pain who will analyse your condition along with your medical history and recommend a course of back pain treatments that will be of most benefit. If after a private physical assessment, the diagnosis is unclear, you will be further referred to a specialist consultant for further investigation, as our private clinic at Dynamic Osteopaths, which has access to various consultants who have treated some of our patients.

Less common conditions may include:


•      Forms of autoimmune rheumatic

•      Compression or crush fractures

       common in osteoporosis
•      Infections from bacteria or viruses
•      Developmental conditions
•      Central disc prolapse

Back pain treatment Harborne Birmingham and Warwickshire

Examples of common joint conditions relating to joint pain seen here at Dynamic Osteopaths Birmingham are degenerative and activity-related conditions that inevitably cause joint pain and dysfunction. Often joint pain can be down to muscular imbalances that then refer joint irritation and possible inflammation, separate from sports injuries. Examples of common conditions that relate to joint pain and dysfunction include:


•      Arthritis
•      Repetitive strain injuries
•      Tendinopathies
•      Ligamentous trauma
•      Post-operative Rehabilitation


Dynamic Osteopaths Solihull and

Birmingham provides a wide range

of treatments for joint pain that 

aim to reduce joint pain, increase

joint mobility and structural 


Joint pain treatment Harborne Birmingham and Solihull

For further information please contact us on 01564 330773 or alternatively email us at

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