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Hyaluronic acid injection treatment for arthritis. Dynamic Osteopaths

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition of our joints. Some patients respond very well to good exercise and manual therapy, whilst some patients still suffer with ongoing pain.

These patients may still require further interventions, most commonly injections into the diseased joint, especially for those who do not require surgical intervention.

Here at Dynamic Osteopaths and Regenerative Medicine we provide all treatments including injection treatment, One of which is referred to as “ hyaluronic acid injections ”. This intervention treatment consists of an injection of a substance called sodium hyaluronate directly into the joint. We became interested in the use of hyaluronic acid injections due to our extensive treatment of osteoarthritis and joint pain. Very patient and professional athletes who previously used hyaluronic acid injections successfully to relieve their joint pain and improve mobility. 

Sodium Hyaluronate is a naturally occurring chemical within the synovial fluid in our joints. Synovial fluid has many functions within the joint including providing nutrients to the cartilage, acting as a lubricant for movement of the joint and as a shock absorber for the worn joint. As the joint becomes worn, as occurs with osteoarthritis the concentration of sodium hyaluronate within the fluid decrease resulting in a diluted concentration remaining which is less successful in acting as a shock absorber or lubricant to the already worn joint.

Hyaluronic acid injections increase the concentration of sodium hyaluronate within the synovial fluid reducing inflammation and therefore pain along with improved mobility of the joint.

One single injection is be used giving benefit for on average 9 months compared to 3 separate injections as in the past to provide benefit for the same time period. Steroid injections are still commonly and successfully to help control and manage knee pain problems but all doctors have concerns about using steroid injections on a regular basis as steroid itself has possible complications associated with them, also, recent reports have identified further cartilage damage with steroid injections. Medical evidence by Leopold et al published in the Journal of bone and Joint Surgery America in 2003 found hyaluronic acid injections to be “as good as steroid” in reducing pain and improving function of the knee, and better still it has no side effects, unlike steroid injections. A more recent paper by Newberry et al in 2015 agreed that they also found hyaluronic acid injections to be useful in improving the function of worn joints. 

Patients treated at Dynamic Osteopaths and Regenerative Medicine have experienced similar good and helpful results from hyaluronic acid injections administered here in both reducing pain and allowing them to continue the activity they desire. 

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