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Trapped Nerve Treatment: Dynamic Osteopaths

Trapped Nerves

The term ‘trapped nerve’ comes from when a nerve is either being pinched, irritated, inflamed, tethered or impinged and this can happen for a number of reasons. Firstly, there are two primary locations of where a nerve can become ‘trapped’ or irritated. a) the nerve roots (where the nerve exits the spine) or b) along the course of the nerve itself, otherwise know as peripheral nerve irritation.

  • Nerve root irritation is commonly caused from disc injuries or bone spurring (age-related degenerative changes).

  • Peripheral nerve irritation, as explained above is commonly caused being pinched or tethered. A common example of this is carpal tunnel syndrome (median nerve entrapment).

Treatment for trapped nerves

Here at Dynamic Osteopaths in Solihull and Birmingham our approach to the treatment of trapped nerves is very similar to the treatment of sciatica, well this in terms of being a nerve root problem. Treatment will be to decompress the spinal area that is causing the irritation and therefore causing the symptoms, thus via means of manual treatment. Our approach at Dynamic Osteopaths is to treat and decompress the region via means of intermittent traction (gentle, effective treatment), and 3-dimensional traction - mobilisation techniques. These techniques are specifically designed to reduce inflammation and reduce tissue sensitivity. This is primarily used initially to treat the tissue causing symptoms, following this, treatment techniques are then specifically used to challenge the predisposing factors that may be causing the initial irritation.

With regard to the treatment of peripheral nerve injuries our approach is to treat soft tissue in the location area that may be causing any tethering to the nerve. When a nerve is being compressed or pinched it is important to establish where the tethering is happening and then to treat this area via means of mobilisations, stretching and soft tissue work.

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