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What is causing my stiff back? Dynamic Osteopaths & Regenerative Medicine Solihull

Updated: Mar 23

A stiff back often means it can be difficult to perform everyday functional tasks. A chronically still back can be hugely debilitating, and often can be accompanied with aches and pains. But what are the reasons are causing these stiff backs? Let’s have a little look...

Below are some possible examples of how and why we can develop a stiff back:

One) poor posture

This is a very common cause of back stiffness and chronic aches and pains. Whether it be working posture or standing posture. Poor posture can often lead to muscular imbalances and increased stresses and strains on our spines.

Two) Lumbar spine disc issues

Often issues with our lumbar spine disc can cause extra stiffness within our spine. Whether it be a disc bulge or a full disc herniation. Often, chronic wear and tear on our lumbar spine disc’s can cause excessive muscular strain and stiffness.

Three) spine arthritis/degenerative changes

If you have chronic lower back stiffness that is worse first thing in the morning and later in the evening, this may be caused from spinal arthritis.

More specifically - Osteoarthritis, which can lead to back stiffness from progressive degenerative changes within the joints on our spine. As the degenerative process occurs, there is more friction of the joints of the spine which causes the muscles of the spine to work harder - making them become stiffer, which can lead to more back pain.

Try not to ignore your symptoms when it comes to your stiff back, as ignoring the problem may only make it worse. Instead, come can see us here at Dynamic Osteopaths & Regenerative Medicine, where we can help and prevent your back from becoming worse.


We have osteopathic back pain clinics in Solihull, Harborne Birmingham and Bromsgrove.

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