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Suffering from neck pain? Facet joint pain

Facet joints are little joints either side of your spine that facilitate movement. A common cause of neck pain often involves irritation of these facet joints. Irritation or damage to these joints can often cause head, neck or up or shoulder pain.


1) Neck injury

2) Whiplash

3) Arthritis/degeneration

4) Repetitive stress or trauma

5) Poor posture

Often this would show a dull, achy pain although there may be sharp during acute episodes, headaches and reduced range of movement may also be present.

– Localised pain and occasional neck spasms

– Often pay more radiate into shoulders but not be on the elbow.

– Increased sensitisation of these joints is often present with whiplash.

Treatment of neck pain and facet joint pain

In an acute phase consider applying ice to reduce blood flow and to reduce muscle spasms. Anti-inflammatories may also be used.

Following on from the acute phase, rest, heat and avoid heavy lifting/rapid neck movements. strapping can also be used for additional support. Osteopathic treatment – facet joint pain responds very well to manipulation and mobilisation. Soft tissue and muscle manipulation is also very beneficial.

Following on from the above stage neck strengthening exercises should be performed as preventative treatment.

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