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Specialist Osteopathic Treatment in Solihull / Birmingham & Bromsgrove

Updated: Mar 24

Osteopathy is a recognised form of primary musculoskeletal treatment aimed at reducing pain and restoring joint function. Osteopaths are registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) and carry out continuation of registration each year to ensure that the best quality of care is being held and maintained. Here at Dynamic Osteopaths our registered Osteopaths practice out of Solihull, Birmingham and Bromsgrove, providing you with the best form of osteopathic care for back pain, joint pain or whatever it may be.

Here, we see a wide range of patients from many different backgrounds seeking back pain treatment, treatment for joint pain, neck pain treatment or sports injury treatment and management. In addition, our specialist osteopath Adam Whatley is a graduate of Master of Osteopathy and has a very established background musculoskeletal medicine, helping many patients each and every day.

Osteopathy is also regularly used for the treatment of chronic headaches, degenerative conditions like osteoarthritis and neurological defect. Here, at our osteopathic clinics in Solihull, Birmingham and Bromsgrove we provide a friendly consulation which will involve taking a full medical case history, physical examination and treatment following an accurate diagnosis. The physical examination will involve performing a wide range of simple movement to assess range of motion and will provide very valued information on what may be contributing to your condition. Treatment will involve a comprehensive range of manual techniques used in osteopathy and physical therapy along with tapping, acupuncture and specialist treatments if required. Also, information will be provided on lifestyle advice along with injury prevention and how to increase and maintain performance.

Dynamic Osteopaths Solihull & Birmingham
Dynamic Osteopaths Solihull & Birmingham

Please get in touch for further friendly information. Contact us direct at

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