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Injury prevention for rotator cuff tears: Dynamic Osteopaths Bromsgrove

Updated: Mar 25

Here at Dynamic Osteopaths in Bromsgrove and Solihull we are going to briefly cover the importance of injury prevention for shoulder pain and rotator cuff injuries.

Injury prevention for rotator cuff tears: Dynamic Osteopaths Bromsgrove

Shoulder pain and so the range is extremely common and most often is associated with Rotator Cuff injuries. The rotator cuff is made up of a group of small muscles that surround the shoulder joint. The muscles help primarily to stabilise the joint during dynamic shoulder movement. When these muscles contract, they pull on the top of your arm bone (ball), to keep it in contact with the socket.

Injuries to the rotator cuff occur at different levels, depending on the severity of the damage. It can start off simply by an inflamed tendon, which can become swollen and impingement can occur. A little more serious injury is when the muscle or tendon has a slight tear. The most severe injury is when there is a complete tear in the muscle or tendon.

Damage to these muscles and tendons can occur from small minor injuries as a result of overload or overuse of the muscle, such as lifting over head. Damage to the rotator cuff can also be from gradual degeneration of the muscle and tendon that can occur with ageing.

The majority of the time, rotator cuff injuries can be avoided by doing the proper exercises. With ongoing poor posture, repetitive overhead activities and proper conditioning - the shoulder can become inflamed fast. Regular stretching of the shoulder and arms should be an important part of any conditioning routine.

To strengthen your rotator cuff, it's best to use lower resistance with more focus on form.

It's important to do strengthening exercises to promote a balanced strength in the shoulder, such shoulder stability exercises and external rotation exercises. If you've had a previous injury, taking breaks throughout the day to do arm and shoulder stretches will help in preventing any future injuries. Resting your shoulders before a workout can also alleviate some stress in the rotator cuff.

Following on from the article we will be producing new updates on how to avoid shoulder pain and rotator cuff injuries, keep in touch!

Find out more on shoulder injuries. Following this link for shoulder pre-hab exercises.

Meanwhile, please get in touch if you would like to find out more information on shoulder pain injury prevention. We have osteopathic clinics operating out of Bromsgrove, Solihull and Birmingham. Schedule a consultation today!

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