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Improving Mobility. Dynamic Osteopaths Bromsgrove

A fundamental goal of healthy ageing is to keep active for as long as physically possible. Of course, people who lose their ability to walk can still retain mobility through other means and assisstant devices, and they can have full and happy lives. It's important to stay active in order to maintain the ability to contine walking and staying relatively mobile.

Staying active with joint pain

It's important to keep joints moving, even if you're dealing with joint pain from arthritis or injury. But sometimes you will also need to rest to prevent overuse or overload. Don't let painful joints prevent you from performing some sort of exercise whether it be small or large.

Why not try these joint-friendly exercise options to help with your mobility:

- elliptical trainer

- bike (recumbent or upright)

- tai chi

- swimming

- water aerobics

- short walks throughout the day

- gentle exercise routine mid-morning to stimulate your joints

For more information on keeping up your joint mobility and health get in touch with us here at Dynamic Osteopaths in Bromsgrove and Solihull


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