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How Do Osteopaths Treat Back Pain?

Updated: Mar 24

Back pain is extremely common and can come in many different forms. Back pain can either be chronic or acute and can hugely affect your quality of life. Here at Dynamic Osteopaths & Regenerative Medicine they find out what is causing your back pain and then formulate a treatment plan which will suit best.

Some common causes of back pain:

.   Prolonged sitting

.   Poor posture

.   Injury or Trauma

.   Repetitive stress

There are many different causes that can trigger backpain from physical exertion to illness to emotional stress. If your back is vulnerable then sometimes even the smallest thing can trigger back pain.

Our registered osteopaths are here to help. Osteopaths use many different methods to treat and alleviate back pain, achieve an overall musculoskeletal balance, improve posture and allow the body to facilitate self healing mechanisms.

Osteopathic back pain treatment

Osteopathic manipulation is a common form of osteopathic treatment that uses techniques to manipulate the spinal and peripheral joints using hands on treatment to the muscles and joints.

How does osteopathy work?

Osteopathy works naturally without using drugs. Long-term use of medication can have negative side effects on organ health. Osteopathy typically helps to treat back pains by restoring the correct functions of spinal muscles and bones. The aim and advantage of osteopathy for back pain and joint treatment is to increase flexibility and to restore functional movement.

Research has shown that osteopathy for back pain can not only reduce the present back pain but can also prevent related pains in other parts of the body. If left untreated, back pains can produce chronic pain and issues in other parts of the body.

Incorrect posture, repetitive stress injuries and other types of injuries to the back can also permanently affect how joints and muscles operate.  

For more on information on good posture and back pain advice, feel free to get in touch with us here at Dynamic Osteopaths in Solihull and Birmingham.


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