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Back Pain Treatment Birmingham

Here at Dynamic Osteopaths in Birmingham and Solihull we spend 80% of our working day treating back pain and sciatica. In this post we would like to provide you with some basic advice on how to look after your back pain.

1) Keep a healthy weight

Maintaining a good level of fitness is imperative for avoiding back pain, along with a healthy diet filled with good nutrients and low on processed foods.

2) Keep your back muscles strong

it is true that the majority of back pain and back injuries as a result from poor strength. The muscles around the spine or there to enable strength, stability and function. When our muscles are not strong enough to stabilise our spine this can promote increased degenerative changes to the spines, which can ultimately lead to arthritis. But when you build up enough muscle strength in your back with corrective exercise, the muscles give your spine the support it needs to keep it healthy. That's why corrective physical rehabilitation therapy is a standard form of back pain treatment.

3) Stretch and maintain good mobility

In addition to exercise, stretching is important for promoting spinal stability and avoiding back injuries. It's also a key part of recovering from a back injury. It is fundamental to stretch your spine and back muscles before doing heavy lifting or strenuous exercise. We advise our patients to carry out a convenient routine of stretching exercises every day to maintain mobility and function.

4) Maintain on good posture

Everybody understands that poor posture can lead to backpain long term. However, it is when we are not suffering from back pain that we do not pay attention to this important principle. Poor posture is another major contributing factor of back pain, in fact, believe it or not it is one of the biggest causes of back dysfunction. Standing up straight with your ears over your shoulders, your shoulders over your hip joints, and your hip joints over your ankles will help keep your joints healthly. Posture goes for every single thing you do in life, from sitting, to sleeping, driving, to being at your workstation et cetera.

5) Lift carfully

When you do pick up a heavy object, bend at the knees and keep the item close to your body. Also, keep in a neutral alignment, and be careful not to twist your body when you lift, and wear a brace if you have a job that requires heavy lifting.

6) Practice stress relief for back pain

Stress unfortunately is prone to making back pain worse. We advise our patients to maintain as much stress relief and relaxation as possible. Also, it is worth noting that exercise is a huge stress reliever as well as helping back pain.

7) Mantain good sleep

Sleep is hugely important for rest, recovery and spinal decompression. Soft mattresses can often push your back out of alignment, so it's best to choose a medium to firm mattress for best back pain relief.

Treat your spine and your lower back as your foundation. Any problems with your back will end up greatly affecting every single thing you do in life, from playing with your children to working optimally. Maintaining good lower back strength will not only work preventatively but it will also work positively on confidence. Don’t let backpain take over your life. Feel free to get in touch or schedule a consultation with us here at Dynamic Osteopaths & Regenerative Medicin


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