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An Osteopath for Back Pain Treatment

Updated: Feb 29

An Osteopath for Back Pain Treatment

An Osteopath for Back Pain Treatment

An osteopath is a medical manual clinician who provides treatment for a whole range of musculoskeletal aches, pains and injuries. The largest area of practice being the spine and back pain. Any of the tissues and structures within the spine that receive nerve innervation can be a source of back pain. Examples being ligaments, muscles, joints or discs.

So what can an osteopath do to help?

Osteopaths provide a whole range of treatments for back pain. These primarily being: Spinal mobilisations. Spinal mobilisation primarily consist of passive movements that have the purpose of providing short and long term pain relief and to promote and restore pain-free functional mobility.

Joint mobilisation is a very popular treatment often used to treat and manage musculoskeletal pain, injury and dysfunction by restoring joint range of motion. The techniques are performed by osteopaths and chiropractors, with the addition of some physiotherapists who have done further postgraduate training.

Spinal mobilisation is described in terms of improving mobility in areas of the spine that are restricted. Such restriction may be found in Spinal facet joints, and can consequently cause pain and dysfunction. By removing the restriction we can treat the source of pain quite effectively.

Research has shown that spinal and joint mobilisation treatment produces significant mechanical and neurophysiological effects which include pain relief, increasing range of motion and improving improved dynamic function.


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