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Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a popular treatment that utilises a high concentration  of platelets and growth factors within a patient’s own blood to promote healing of injured tissue. There is now a growing body of evidence showing the effectiveness and safety of PRP treatment. However, few have focused exclusively on tendon and ligament injuries. In a study published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine, a team of researchers where looking to assess the ability of PRP to reduce pain in patients with tendon and ligament injuries and promote subsequent healing. The meta-analysis drew data from 37 research articles with over 1000+ patients across the articles. To determine if PRP was effective in relieving pain, the researchers compared pain intensity between studies using the visual analog scale (VAS).  It was found that PRP could provide both short-term and long-term pain relief for tendon and ligament injuries in comparison to other alternative treatments. These studies mainly concentrated on shoulder tendinitis, elbow tendinitis and ACL. Specifically, PRP was associated with less pain for shoulder rotator cuff injuries and tennis elbow tendinitis, the other injuries mentioned yielded insufficient evidence. 

Furthermore, no adverse events were found. as the greatest limiting factor for PRP. 

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