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How can I deal with chronic tendinitis? Dynamic Osteopaths

Tendinosis is how chronic tendon problem are characterised. It is often caused by an overuse of the tendon. It can also be caused by direct injury or trauma. Any activities that put repeated stress on our tendons can cause irritation, and inflammation resulting in tendinosis. Athletes and manual workers for example.

Tendon problems are more common in older generations because we loose mobility as we get older. People with joint conditions such as arthritis may also be more prone to tendinosis. 

Treatment for chronic tendinitis 

Tendons can sometimes take time to heal, so the treatments for tendinosis aim to speed up the body's natural healing processes. 1) Firstly - Resting the tendon and avoiding repetitive movements. Talking regularly breaks.

2) Stretching the tendon to increase its range of movement and flexibility.

3) Massaging the affected area to promote healing circulation.

4) Strengthening the muscles around the tendon with exercises, to take the pressure off the injured tendon.

5) Strapping to protect the tendon from further injury.

6) Dry needling tomstimulate healing

7) Diet. It is also suggested that vitamin C and D supplements may help to promote collagen production and speed up healing. 8) Corticosteroid injections around the tendon can help to reduce short-term pain. However, they may also make relapse more likely and can sometimes impair collagen production.

9) Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, involve injecting plasma from the person's blood into areas around the tendon. The platelets promote cell repair and healing. This is a favourable option in our opinion. 

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