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Knee Ligament Injury: ACL Injuey Prevention. Dynamic Osteopaths Solihull

On going attention is focused on the prevention of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries, especially in young who sporting individuals. Here at Dynamic Osteopaths Solihull  we can explain our process of ACL injury prevention with you in the post. Successful treatments consist of a multi- functional programming that includes a combination of: One) Tailered jumping plyometric exercises Two) Biomechanical performance analysis with direct feedback to the athlete about correctional position and movement patterns, including cutting and landing techniques. Three) Strength training, especially that of gluteus complex. Four) Proprioceptive training, such as use of a wobble-disc, to improve muscle strength, co-ordination, balance and reaction times. 

Successful programs have been performed at least 6 weeks prior to the sporting activities, followed by an in-season maintenance programs. In addition to alterations in training programme changes in footwear may coincide with ACL prevention. Get in touch to find out more detail specific to you!

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