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Biological treatments and Ortho-biological treatment. Dynamic Regenerative Medicine

What is biological treatment? Biological treatment is designed to stimulate or restore the ability of the body's immune system to fight infection and disease. 

What is ortho-biological Treatment?

Orthobiologics have evolved to the extent that they significantly influence modern orthopedic surgical practice. A better understanding of the role of various growth factors and cells in the process of tendon healing, ligament repair, cartilage regeneration and bone formation has stimulated focused research in many chronic musculoskeletal ailments including arthritis.

Many Investigators have published results of laboratory as well as clinical studies, using orthobiologics like platelet rich plasma, stem cells, autologous conditioned serum etc., with good results. Furthermore, many more studies are currently undergoing. 

Sports related injuries among professional and recreational athletes are increasingly encountered and diagnosed and demand a quick return to preinjury level of sporting activities.Orthobiologics, refers to the use of biological substances to help musculoskeletal injuries heal quicker. They are used to improve the healing of fractured bones and injured muscles, tendons and ligaments and are derived from substances that are naturally found in body, platelets. When they are used in concentrations many times the normal, they can potentially help speed up the healing processes by vast amounts and potentially holt chronic issues.

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