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Sports Osteopathy: Sports Injury

Osteopaths are increasingly becoming a key provider of physical therapy within sports medicine.

The use of manual medicine or joint manipulation for the treatment of sports injuries has been carried out for thousands of years. The osteopathic approach to sports related injuries is a intergrated one. Athletic performance related to a particular sports is broadly viewed as musculoskeletal performance and efficiency. The body, including cardiovascular and pulmonary systems has to be finely tuned to deal with the increasing demands placed upon them by the musculoskeletal drive. The athlete is subject to biomechanical, strength and flexibility demands in relation to a particular sport. Therefore the aims within sports osteopathy is to go beyond providing relief of immediate symptoms, but to promote function of homeostatic and protective properties of the body so the body can heal optimally whilst promoting injury prevention.

Here at Dynamic Osteopaths we see patients of a sports relation on a regualr basis and understand the vast immportance of taking a multifactorial approach to the individual.

For further in formation please contact our friendly clinic on Contact Dynamic Osteopaths

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