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Orthotics for joint pain relief – Dynamic Osteopaths

It is estimated that around 75% of the population suffer from poor foot biomechanics and a related factor known as excess foot pronation (collapsed arches). This poor foot structure then commonly disturbs normal knee function and hip alignment and increases forces on the lower back. These biomechanical deficiencies are common in all types of patients from children to the elderly, from top athletes two people with sedimentary lifestyles. By realigning the lower limb to its natural angle via the means of orthotics can ensure correct foot function and help relieve common biomechanical complaints. This in combination with your practitioner’s regular treatment regime, orthotics are usually successful in alleviating chronic pains and surgery is seldom required!

Here at Dynamic Osteopaths we provide Orthotic foot correction which can help relieve the following common joint related aches and pain:

- Heel pain (planter fasciitis)

- Knee pain (patello-femoral pain)

- Shin pain (tibial stress syndrome)

- Tired, aching legs

- Achilles pain (Tendonitis)

- Hip pain (ITB syndrome)

- Low back pain and pelvic pain

For further information on custom fitted orthotics or how they can provide pain relief in further detail please feel free to contact Dynamic Osteopaths and one of our friendly practitioners will contact you within the hour to discuss your needs.

Dynamic Osteopaths provide services for orthotics.

Dynamic Osteopath has osteopathic clinics within Henley In Arden, Solihull and Harborne Birmingham.

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