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Treatment for Arthritis - Age related changes (Osteoarthritis)

Arthritis is a term used for inflammation of a joint/s as a consequence of age related changes, ultimately leading to degenerative changes and joint structural compromise. This brief article will explain the causes of osteoarthritis and the treatment of osteoarthritis at our Osteopathic Clinics in Solihull and Henley in Arden.

Predisposing factors and causes of osteoarthritis include the following:

- Age

- Hyper-mobility

- Previous trauma

- Obesity

- Mal-alignment / biomechanical compromise

- Vascular insufficiency

- Hormonal imbalances

Ultimately, leading to progressive softening and cartilage degradation. Osteoarthritis is mainly present in weight bearing joints, which are presdisposed with progressive stiffening, reduced joint range of motion and a dull ache, associated with sharpe pain on the outer margins.

Our Osteopathic Clinics in Solihull and Henley in Arden have high amounts of experinece in the treatment of arthritis. It is our aim to reduce the rate of patients having to have surgical interventions, with osteopathic treatment aimed at maintaing arthritic joint mobility and by promoting joint dynamic stability. This is done by addressing weaknesses of particular involved joints; biomechanical (movement) dysfunctional patterens which may be increasing functional demands, mobilising and stretching joint capsules, that may be associated with fibrotic (scar tissue) changes. Finally, it is our aim to provide specific motor training exercises, that allow joint to become more stable, in efforts to reduced the rate of further pain and dysfunction.

For further information please do not hesitate to get in contact with us on either of the following details: clinic mobile 07966 317712

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