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Sports Injuries & Orthopaedics

Updated: Mar 25

Dynamic Osteopaths are offering regenerative treatments for many conditions and injuries, including:

  • Shoulder Pain Treatments

  • Knee Pain Treatments

  • Elbow Pain Treatments

  • Wrist Pain Treatments

  • Treatments for Tendinitis

  • Foot & Ankle Treatments

  • Spine Treatments & Back Pain

  • Hip Treatments

Joint & Spine Treatments

Regenerative medicine is now more than ever growing in popularity due to it being very safe and a non-invasive solution to many common spinal and joint pain conditions. Examples range from chronic tendinitis like tennis elbow to degenerative arthritis. Regenerative Medicine is about facilitating self-healing mechanisms, it promotes the body's natural ability to self-heal and ensure that function restored.

We harvest and reinject the patient's own platelets, during our treatments. These are found in our blood. We extract them from here and use the concentrated specialised cells harvested from there to help repair cartilage and tendon in the patient's body. These process id know as Platelet-rich plasma (PRP). PRP injections use bioactive growth factors and healing proteins to the problem area, so stimulating healing and recovery. This PRP treatment can be used either on its own or for best results in combination with other treatments like osteopathy and physical rehabilitation therapy

Soft tissue injuries

Soft tissue injuries are often a result of direct trauma or overuse to muscles, tendons or ligaments. With soft tissue injuries, the body will always attempt to try to repair & heal the injury through normal repair mechanisms.  However, sometimes this can be compromised. particularly in areas of the body with limited blood flow, such as inside and around joints. In areas with limited blood flow, the growth factors in blood repair can often be affected. This reduced ability to repair and hea may lead to ongoing pain and weakness.  Here at Dynamic Osteopaths, we ultilise the power of regenerative medicine, to facilitate a patient's natural healing with the aim of enabling the damaged tissues to be repaired through the appropriate best suited treatments.

Sports Injury Treatment

At Dynamic Osteopaths we specialise in providing patients with pioneering sports injury treatments like PRP therapy. Keen sport and exercise goers, whether professional or amateur, are prone to many trauma-related and overuse injuries. These injuries can range from muscles to bones or joints and connective soft tissues like tendons or ligaments.

We have a range of treatments available, which are all aimed at treating the underlying condition, to enable full and best recover.

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