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PRP or steroid?

PRP is a popular form of Regenerative Medicine that uses your body’s own platelets to stimulate and activate the healing process of inflammation and tissue repair.  Inflammation although painful is a natural part of your body’s healing process. During this process, it sends concentrated platelets to the area of tissue injury which enables the inflammatory process to occur. This encourages restructuring and regeneration of soft tissue or collagen. 

Cortisone acts in a very different way from PRP treatment. A cortisone shot reduces inflammation to control pain, inhibits the natural healing process of the body.  A cortisone shot can provide pain relief because it reduces the inflammation at injury site.  Without pain, the patient can return to normal activities without much notice to the injury.  The problem is the injury has not adequately healed, the body’s pain is just suppressed.  With continued activity the injury will continue to wear and has the risk of becoming worse overtime, possibly resulting in the need for surgery.

Regenerative healing through PRP Therapy can encourage healing in damaged tissue naturally. Inflammation may be cause some discomfort in the short term, but in long term collagen is often repaired and restored and the joint becomes stronger.

My advice -

What is your aim, short term pain relief or injury repair?

- Steroid does have the possibility of suppressing inflammation short term and this can allow the patient to strengthen tissue. The reality is in the majority of cases, the problem comes back after 3/6 months, but this time tissue is weakened further, maker further problems.

- PRP is safe and allow natural healing. You just have to wait a short period. However, better outcomes long term!

I vote PRP in every case, however, if the joint is in a state of server pain and inflamed, then I vote steroid to control inflammation, then PRP going forward.

Mr Adam Whatley

Clinical Director, Dynamic Osteopaths & Regenerative Medicine



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