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PRP leads to superior healing with long-term therapeutic advantages compared to corticosteroids

Updated: Feb 28

Management of Lateral Epicondylitis (tennis elbow): A Comparative Study Comparing the Local Infiltrations of Leucocyte Enriched Platelet-Rich Plasma (L-aPRP), Glucocorticoid and Normal Saline.

Treatment for elbow pain Birmingham

Lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow) is a common painful condition affecting extensor tendon is at the elbow. It is characterised by pain and tenderness many wrist movements which can affect functional capacity. This recent May 2022 study looked to evaluate the comparative efficacy of the local infiltration of L-PRP, steroid (cortisone) and normal saline in patients with lateral elbow pain.

Sixty patients were involved, between the ages 30 to 50 years, diagnosed with lateral epicondylitis of more than 12 weeks, then were enrolled in the prospective randomised study. Their medical history and previous conservative treatment were recorded; the clinical evaluation of the tendinitis was made together with the lab investigations. The patients were then randomised.

It was concluded that PRP injection treatment leads to superior healing with long-term therapeutic advantages compared to corticosteroids.


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