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Hip Exercises

Are you suffering with hip pain for muscular strength imbalances?

Below are 4 simple exercises to help.

Exercises 1: Bridges

Lie on your back with your knees bent at 90°. With one leg straight (knees still together), slowly lift your hips off the mat. Perform 10 repetitions x 2. NOTE: Please start with both legs to start with and then work towards single leg.

Exercises 2: Hip Stability / Resistance Band Side Abductions

Place both knees at 90°. Keeping the heels together, raise the top knee approximately 30 cm without rotating the pelvis backwards. Contraction should be felt again at the side of the hip/glute. Repeat 15 times. Resistance band is placed 2 inches above the bend at the knees to increase resistance. Again, perform slow and controlled. NOTE: start without the band.


Cross your leg over your opposite ankle and pull knee towards your chest slowly until mild stretch is felt in the buttock and hold for 15 seconds. Repeat x 3. Couple of time per day.


Bring heel up to buttock until a stretch is felt at the front of the leg and hold this stretch for 15 seconds.

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