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Effective Ways Of Healing Your Sports Injuries: PRP

Effective Ways Of Healing Your Sports Injuries: PRP

Mr Adam Whatley, of Dynamic Osteopaths is a specialist in the revolutionary treatment in regenerative medicine that is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). This is a treatment that is used to help stimulate and facilitate the healing and repair of a sports injuries for individuals who our suffering with chronic injury and are looking for improved recovery with a minimally invasive treatment.

PRP is a simple treatment, that is performed by taking a small amount of the patient's own blood, then centrifuging which separates the plasma from the blood cells. Plasma which is rich in platelets is then injected back into the injured area of the patient. These all-important platelets release growth-factors that stimulate the healing and recovery of the tissue injury, allowing faster return to sport or activities.

Orthobiologic Treatments

Effective Ways Of Healing Your Sports Injuries: PRP

PRP Injection treatment is known as an ortho-biological treatment, which is used to treat pain and many sports injuries including tendinitis and joint injury using the healing properties that are derived naturally from the patients. Over the past two decades PRP research and clinical studies have grown immensely, and this natural biological treatment has been very popular among athletes. PRP treatment is now also being used in efforts to prevent invasive option of surgery.

So so why has PRP become so popular?

PRP treatment has become a very popular form of treatment for many reasons. Firstly, research in the field of chronic tendinitis has identified more about the process of tendon healing and how growth factors are involved in this healing process. Secondly, we have seen via imaging, great improvement in tendon healing. Furthermore, high amounts of evidence in dental medicine also supports the use of PRP For healing. We are now also realising the potentially harmful effects of corticosteroid injections around tendons. We also understand that these injections are not particularly useful for tissue healing and regeneration. On the other hand, PRP orthobiologic treatment can allow to simulate and facilitate healing, rather than simply removing the pain.

Upon review, research in platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment identifies improved long-term outcomes in regard to pain reduction and function in many joints (especially the knees) and forms of tendinitis. PRP is a good, proven, effective treatment to consider when other conservative treatment options have failed.

Mr Adam Whatley Practice In PRP Injections

Being extremely passionate about sport and exercise, Adam Whatley had chosen to focus his career on sports injury treatment and rehabilitation, along side sporting performance. Adam Whatley has an extensive background in the treatment of sports injuries and rehabilitation, and is always looking for new ways of improving injury rehabilitation and promoting an athlete’s return to their sport.

Adam Whatley was first introduced to ortho-biological treatment, when trying to establish new ways of promoting healing and recovery stubborn chronic injuries. He then went to train in regenerative medicine in Birmingham where he found a passion for platelet rich plasma, and has been fascinated ever since. He has now been performing platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment in clinical practice for a good number of years, performing many treatments with fantastic success. It is now the aim of Adam Whatley to promote and make people aware of this unique treatment option, not just for athletes but for anyone. He has performed the PRP procedure on patients ranging from mild arthritis suffers to professional track athletes.

Effective Ways Of Healing Your Sports Injuries: PRP

Mr Adam Whatley is extremely passionate and excited about PRP treatment, And not only just want to provide this service, but also teach people of what it is and how it works. Adam Whatley is offering free consultations to anybody who wants to come in for a chat to see what the treatment is all about and see if they are useful candidates.


Don’t let sports injury, joint damage, back pain get in the way of allowing you to do your sport. Schedule a consultation with us today, and let us treat your injury, provide pain relief and get you back to your full and active lifestyle. We have clinics operating out of Solihull (Henley-In-Arden), Birmingham (Harborne / Edgbaston) & Bromsgrove (Barnt Green).

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