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Chronic Overuse Injuries

Updated: Mar 24

What Structures can be involved in Overuse Injuries?

  • Tendons injuries

  • Tendon insertion injures

  • Muscle injuries

  • Soft tissue compartments (e.g. compartment syndrome)

  • Cartilage injures

  • Nerve tissue

  • Bone (e.g. stress fracture)

Stress and strains are applied to the body everyday. Your body adapts by strengthening the various tissues involved - muscles get stronger, tendons get stronger and bone density increases. However, sometimes adaptation cannot occur, and then excessive overload can cause micro trauma injuries, which can result in inflammation.

What are the signs of chronic overload or inflammation?

  • Swelling

  • Pain

  • Redness

  • Impaired function

Often the first signs may be stiffness or soreness (especially first thing).

Stages of an Overuse Injury

Discomfort that gets worse during the activity or constant discomfort most of the time.

1) can continue through activity, with no progression in pain.

2) the activity may continue at a modified pain-free level while being treated. Treatment must continue until fully healed.

3) increased pain - reduce activity, until guided otherwise by the therapist.

Overuse Injuries Causes

  • Reduced muscle strength/endurance

  • Poor core strength

  • Muscle imbalance/instability

  • Inflexibility/reduced joint mobility

  • Biomechanical issues

  • Poor technique

Overuse Injury Prevention

Overuse injuries can be prevented and here are some of the ways to prevent this injury below:

  • Warm-up (including dynamic stretching) and warm-down (including static stretching) Use proper equipment

  • Gradual increased in intensity 10% increase per week

  • Practice and concentrate on correct technique

  • Allow for good conditioning - strength and flexibility

  • Monitor pain and fatigue

Early identification and treatment will allow you to continue your activity. Identify and correct the cause of pain or discomfort and ensure full injury rehabilitation.

Are you suffering with a chronic overuse injury? Get in touch to fund out further information. We have clinics in Solihull, Birmingham and Bromsgrove offering assessment, treatment and rehabilitation for chronic injuries.


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