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Is your stubborn back pain getting to you?

Many people are suffers of suffers of recurring stubborn low back pain, which can often radiate down the legs at times, otherwise know as sciatica.  Being a osteopath who’s deals with back pain every day, I practice what I preach, I am putting all the advice I provide to good use.

First of all - look for possible triggers and predisposing factors of your back pain. Often people do not partake in revaluation core-strengthening routines. At about the same time, people increase the consecutive hours spent sitting at a desk, typing away. This then relates to weakened core plus prolonged time seated at an ergonomically challenging workspace, this then equals exacerbation of chronic low back pain.

This situation is exceedingly common. But there are both short-term and long-term solutions. You can maybe invest in a Fitbit and stand when the Fitbit buzzes (which is every 20 minutes). Every hour, get into a routine of mild stretches - toe-touches, side and back rotations. If you have the time you can also add in really quick and easy in-office core strengthening exercises. As a matter of fact, chair squats, one-legged chair stands, and desk planks, as we sit here at our computers for hours at a time is a great idea. Try this core workout you can do right in your office. 

Try to find a way to ease the pain (ideally without medication)

Constant throbbing pain can be very distracting. What can help are simple holistic measures like - ice packs alternating with heating pads, massage, gentle stretching exercises, and deep breathing. Furthermore, you can seek effective treatment for low back pain like gentle spinal mobilisations or manipulations which are provided here at Dynamic Osteopaths in Solihull and Birmingham . These of which are supported by evidence and included in the updated guidelines for management of chronic low back pain. If Absolutely necessary, you can take a over-the-counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug like ibuprofen or you can get a stronger prescription from your doctor of naproxen (two 220-mg tablets with food and fluids). This being said non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs NSAIDs are not without risk and their use should be limited. The elderly, people with a history of or risk factors for heart attacks and strokes, as well as those with kidney problems or a history of gastritis or ulcers should really avoid using these medications, unless strictly encouraged by the doctor. 

Do what you can to keep it from flaring up again Physical therapy is also a great treatment from lower back pain and is very good for conditioning and as a preventative. Physical therapy is also offered here at Dynamic Osteopaths in Solihul l. This includes guided stretching, lower back stabilisation exercises, and motor control exercises. The idea is to learn the exercises that work for you and keep doing them. Developing very simple routine which takes all of 5 to 10 minutes, can be very advantageous in many different aspects.

For further information on how to manage your stubborn no background please get in touch with us for friendly advice:

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