Most cases of low back pain and neck pain are triggered by a combination of, poor posture, overuse, repetitive strain, injury (poor lifting), and inflammation to the structures associated with the spine. Severity can vary, but here are some examples of common causes of low back pain, separate from sports injuries:






  • Injury or overuse to muscles, tendons, ligaments, facet joints and joint capsules

  • Injury or irritation to the nerves that pass through the spine and lower back

  • The aging and degeneration of spinal joints

  • Local compression or reduced blood flow of the existing nerves or the spinal cord

  • Disc lesions such as bulging or herniated disc that can then irritate or compress nerve roots (sciatica)

  • Degenerative disc changes, due to reduced nutrition and hydration to the disc, consequently resulting in reduced hydrostatic pressure and range of motion



Here our osteopaths treat a wide range of conditions relating to back pain. Conditions may include:


  • Muscular aches, strains or tears

  • Ligament strains

  • Spinal restrictions

  • Muscle imbalances 

  • Arthritis of the spine

  • Disc injury

  • Sciatica 

  • Trapped nerves

  • Spinal degeneration 

  • Pelvic pain or restriction 

  • Hip pain 


Further predisposing factors may include:


  • Traumatic injury - lifting weight/car accident

  • Pregnancy - ligamentous laxity and postural alterations

  • Weak core muscles

  • Increased compression

  • Pelvic imbalances

  • Congenital orthopaedic abnormality



Further important symptoms may include:


  • Prolonged morning joint stiffness, fever, altered sensation or tingling down the legs, ongoing cramps in the legs, abdominal pains, altered sensation around the anus, bowel and bladder incontinence.


Dynamic Osteopathic Treatment for Back Pain and Discomfort:

Here at Dynamic Osteopaths, we use traditional osteopathic techniques aimed at reducing restriction and restoring normal functional range of motion. Techniques may include - spinal articulation and manipulation, mobilisations, deep tissue massage, acupuncture, sports taping and exercises aimed at injury prevention.


Dynamic Osteopaths have osteopathic clinics in varied locations such as;

Henley In Arden Osteopathic Clinic | Solihull Osteopathic Clinic |

Edgbaston Birmingham Osteopathy Clinic | Bromsgrove Osteopathy Clinic


For further information on back pain and discomfort or how an osteopath can help you please contact your local osteopath - Dynamic Osteopaths

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Osteopathic Treatment Henley In Arden

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