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PRP hair Loss treatment in Birmingham

PRP Hair Loss treatment in Birmingham  

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment is a very successful easy to perform nature treatment for hair Loss with great results. Our Blood contains plasma, red and white blood cells and platelets. It is these Platelets which contain clotting agents and growth factors, which stimulate stem cells. 

During the healing process these growth factors stimulate and encourage the healing process, by activating the inflammatory process necessary for healing and recovery from damaged tissues. Blood in whole form only contains a small number of platelets, but PRP is specifically made to have significantly more platelets, x6, which with their release of growth factors, allow for more superior healing process. We have also found through detailed clinical research that these platelets also have huge benefits In stimulating hair follicles and skin collagen. Growth factors in platelets promote healing by triggering new blood vessel growth, thus, attracting stem cells into the newly made tissue with the suppression of reducing inflammation cells. 

PRP hair Loss treatment has shown significant benefit in both men and women. The clinical evidence shows that PRP can aid hair loss disorders by stimulating dying hair follicles and also stimulating hair growth. PRP is also combined with other hair transplant procedures when Hair Loss is severe to optimise results.  Here at Dynamic Regenerative Medicine it regularly performs this technique with its PRP hair Loss treatment clinics in Birmingham / Warwickshire.  Furthermore PRP can assist skin in facial rejuvenation by treating wrinkles and sun damage and discoloration when used with other treatments. It it also widely used for the treatment of scars to widely improve the appearance. 

Better still, PRP treatment is considered extremely safe and hence it is a fantastic adjunct to treatment of both hair loss and facial rejuvenation procedures.   

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