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Back Pain Myths - Dynamic Osteopaths

Back Pain Myths

Back pain is a problem we will all feel at some point within our lifetime. This pain, if not taken seriously can turn into something much much worse and can even out your life at stake. This being said, proper diagnosis should be done to know the exact cause of the pain in to find a proper source of treatment that is going to be effective. However, there are some myths in the minds of the people about various causes of pain pain. These being:

Myth: Spine is delicate and can be injured easy.

Fact: Spine is not delicate instead, the spine and the muscles, tendons and ligaments around it are a well designed structure that is immensely strong, supportive and flexible. Proper conditioning like strengthening are aerobic conditioning are required for a strong back and spine.

Myth: The back pain or back problem at a younger age gets worse as the person grows older.

Fact: The pain is at its peak between the ages of 35 and 55. After it gets less in the form of discogenic pain. One things to know is that disc degeneration is a natural phenomenon of age process which is not always associated with pain.

Myth: If your rather or mother had back pain.

Fact: There is no genetic predisposition in the problem is related to back and neck which means back problems of your parents would not pass on to you.

Myth: Diagnostic tests like MRI or others are needed to diagnose the back problem.

Fact: Most of the time the causes of back problems are diagnosed by a thorough analysis of medical history and physical examination of the patient. Only in some cases there arises a need of diagnostic tests when the patient does not respond to an appropriate treatment.

Myth: The abnormality shown in MRI scan needs to be cured.

Fact: It is not necessary that the abnormality shown in MRI scan is the sure cause of your back pain as large numbers of people having no back problems are suffering from abnormalities like herniated discs or degenerative discs.

Myth: Nothing can be done about the pain, you just have to learn to live with it.

Reality: There are different treatment options available for different types of back pain. If your pain is not severe then it can be helped by some mobility exercise and strengthening following appropriate diagnosis.

Myth: ''it's all in your head''

Reality: It is not so that the pain is all in your head. Sometimes the pain is real even if no physical cause has been determined. This is because of the nervous system processing information associated with painful stimuli.

Myth: MRI is essential for diagnosis of back pain.

Reality: There is no doubt that MRI is the best way to determine nerve root damage and intervertebral disc damage but it is used only when conservative treatment fails to prove effective and when the surgery treatment is the only avenue left. Generally, medical history and physical examinations would reveal the causes of back pain.

One should respect the body's limitations otherwise adverse conditions would be the result. But, by following a well designed treatment and rehabilitation programme you would be able to perform functional activities optimally.

So, these are some of the myths which stay at the top of the minds of many people suffering from pain. These build wrong misconception with information related to back pain and thus sometimes leads to complications.

Myth: often people think that back pain will never happen to them.

Fact: it is really strange to know that back pain is the leading cause disability in men over 45. It is the third most prevalent reason for surgery. It can happen to children too. As our age increases we become more inflexible losing our muscle support, therefore having back pain. It is one area of pain in almost all sports.

Myth: It is believed that physical labourers owe a greater risk of back pain.

Reality: This is wrong as people leading sedentary lifestyles also have equal risk (if not more) of back problems. Office workers or people who sit for long periods put stress on their back this causing back pain. To avoid the risk of back injury always use a chair with proper support and take regular stretch breaks.

Myth: People think that's injury to the spine is the only cause of back pain.

Reality: Natural agony of the spinal discs brings back pain in to the picture. Sudden twisting, lifting or trauma will results in injuring the tissues around the back, surrounding the discs causing back pain. The pain is aggravated by poor posture, smoking, stress and other inappropriate working habits.

Myth: Back surgery is believed to be a dangerous one.

Reality: Back surgery is needed only when other forms of conservative treatment has failed. Examples being: osteopath, physical therapy and drugs. Back surgery is absolutely safe with the use of highly accurate imaging systems like MRI and CT and other microsurgical techniques. This results in precise methods of surgery with speedy recoveries.

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