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Here at Dynamic Osteopaths, our registered Osteopaths in Solihull, Birmingham, and Warwickshire provide comprehensive back pain treatments and neck pain treatments, in which are the most prevalent of all musculoskeletal conditions and one of the primary reasons an individual visits an osteopath. Most cases of back pain, pelvic pain, and neck pain are triggered by a combination of overuse, injury, and inflammation to the structures associated with the spine. Examples of common causes of spinal aches and pains may be:

  • Injury or overuse to muscles, tendons, ligaments, facet joints and joint capsules


  • Injury or irritation to the nerves that pass through the spine and lower back


  • The aging and degeneration of spinal joints


  • Local compression or reduced blood flow of the existing nerves or the spinal cord


  • Disc lesions such as bulging or herniated disc that can then irritate or compress nerve roots (sciatica)


  • Degenerative disc changes, due to reduced nutrition and hydration to the disc, consequently resulting in reduced hydrostatic pressure and range of motion






Common causes of back pain Solihull
Spinal conditions. Dynamic Osteopaths Bromsgrove


This common degenerative condition of the spine is referred to as spondylosis. Arthritis is a result by which the natural weight-bearing mechanisms of the spine are exhausted, resulting in bone lipping in efforts to distribute the weight of a larger surface area. Treatment of arthritis consists of creating increased mobility and aims to promote articular heath. 

Arthritis of the spine 



Sciatica is a very common condition of the spine, whereby the nerve roots that exit the spine become irritated, either from disc damage, high ligamentous trauma or bone lipping, resulting from spine arthritis. Treatment of sciatica consists of reducing local inflammation, decompressing the spinal vertebra and creating increased mobility. 



Sciatica (nerve irritation) -

Spine arthritis and treatment, Dynamic Osteopaths Solihull



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The vast majority of back pain conditions and joint pain conditions seen in our osteopathic clinics in Henley-In-Arden, Solihull and Edgbaston Birmingham are often multifactorial where one problem tends to add on to another.
An example may be a mild disc herniation leading to local pain, inflammation, muscle spasms and changes in posture and gait, as a result of a single nerve and chemical irritation of nerves nearby.
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